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Base Doll:
Lavender Hugs (FBL, Fair skin)

Work Done:
+Carving of lips, philtrum, nose area, and a little around the eye area. Original ears removed.
+3D printed magnetic ears, 3D model made by my husband based on my design. Drilled holes and added piercings. Sanded, primed, painted, and blushed.
+Faceup, ears, and eyelids done using high quality pastels, watercolor pencils, and acrylics. Back-plate signed.
+sealed w/ MSC uv-cut, and semi-gloss finish
+3 new sets of eyechips (3 puppelina glass eyechip, 1 sculpted and painted with glass eyechip top)
+Gaze altered
+new beaded pull strings and charms, with sleepy eyes.
+Modified Obitsu 24cm Body (M) to fit the Blythe head, still has a small amount of tilt.

+Handmade natural-hairline wig using undyed suri alpaca locks. There is no part-line, so you can move the hair around for different looks. The fiber is naturally straight, I have scrunched it with water for the wavy style.
Wig made with a strong, flexible, waterproof glue- it can be styled with water or heat tools. You can gently and carefully wash it in lukewarm water if needed, although spot-cleaning would be ideal. It is attached to the doll with water-soluble glue in case it needs to be removed- although not intended to be removed. Glue residue can be gently washed off with a bit of diluted dish-soap (in the event of wig removal). It is over the original scalp, now bald, the hair and paint have been removed.

Flaws and Notes:
+General disclaimer- small imperfections due to handmade nature, but there is nothing wrong that I've noticed.
+includes: 2 pairs of extra hands (total 3 pairs), and earrings. **Outfits shown are not included**

Domestic: Priority, tracked and insured for $500. Free Shipping
International: Express, tracked and insured for marked value. Lowest I will write is $200. Costs (discounted): Canada- $25, Australia-$55, Everywhere Else- $45.

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